What Do You Need for a GA Mobile Home Certificate of Title Bond?

Like most things in life, there is a list of requirements for the Georgia mobile home title bond—albeit a small one. Before applying you’ll need to know the length and width of your mobile home. Additionally, you will want to have:

  • Supporting evidence of ownership such as a Bill of Sale, invoice, canceled check, or old title OR any closing documents from the purchase of the mobile home you may have.
  • A T-22B form filled out by a law enforcement officer (to ensure the mobile home is not stolen)
  • If this is a double-wide or triple-wide mobile home, you will need a T-22B form filled out for each side.
  • If the vehicle has a lien, you may need a lien release from the lienholder before proceeding with the bond process.

Sure, you could buy a title bond without the documents above. Then again, you could also pour milk in a bowl before the cereal… we don’t recommend it though. Since the state (or the Tax Commissioner’s Office) will not process your title application without all the documents. We issue hundreds of title bonds each month and we urge you to secure the proper documents first.

How to Get Your GA Mobile Home Certificate of Title Bond

Once you’ve obtained all the documents above, all you have to do is apply! At Ezsuretybonds.com, we’ve created an application so short you can fill it out faster than it’ll take for that cereal we mentioned to get soggy.

Unfortunately, the state of Georgia is very picky concerning the information they want to see on the bond. Here are the most common mistakes people make on the GA mobile home title application:

  1. They enter the name incorrectly…
    Please enter the name of the principal (the person required to get the bond) as it appears on the principal’s driver’s license.
  1. They leave out information…
    Please enter the information on the application how you would like it to appear on the bond. The bond will print directly from the information given on the application.
  1. They provide the wrong seller information…
    The seller’s information on the application must be who you purchased the mobile home from—the previous owner. It cannot be the same information as the Indemnitor’s information.

The requirements for mobile homes vary slightly from other vehicles. Consequently, you will not need a vehicle history report for a mobile home like you would for a car. Neither will you need to find the value of your mobile home like you would for a car. Once we receive the information on your mobile home, we will run a National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) report for you. This will determine the mobile home’s value.

Please note that if you have a double-wide or triple-wide mobile home, you might need a separate bond for each side. Fortunately, you don’t have to apply multiple times for these bonds. Fill out one application and we’ll contact you within one business day to help you get everything you need.

Want to Know More About the Georgia Bonded Title Process?

Evidently, the entire process of getting a bonded title in Georgia is quite complicated. As a result, we made a thorough guide about the process and requirements. Check it out! We also have an interactive model you may find helpful!

Georgia Bonded Title Process - Mobile Home

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That’s Everything You Need to Know

Mobile homes may have a few different requirements, however, the overall bonding process is the same. Now that you know all about the Georgia Mobile Home Certificate of Title Bond, you’re one step closer to getting your bonded title. If you have any questions or concerns about your bonding needs, give us a call at 1-866-546-4605 or contact us here!