What is a Florida Contractor License Surety Bond?

Well, to perform construction projects in the state of Florida you’ll need a surety bond in addition to your contractor’s license. A surety bond is a three party contract between you (the Principal), the insurance company who guarantees the bond, and the Obligee (the entity requiring you to get the bond).

The state of Florida has over 30 different kinds of contractor surety bonds, all varying based on the municipality (city or county) in which the construction project is to be completed. A majority of these bonds have a bond amount of $5000, however, they can range from $1000 and even exceeding $25000.

Additionally, we find that most of these bonds renew on September 30th, not August 31st when your license renews. Not all city/county bonds do this though, so keep that in mind.

Which Bond Do You Need?

When you get your Florida Contractor’s License, the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board should advise you of whether you’ll need a surety bond for the state of Florida. Then, depending on where your project is within the state, you may need an additional city/county bond.

Some cities and counties in Florida require a separate bond and each municipality has a preferred bond amount or bond form. Some of the bonds we see the most of include:

Those listed are just a few of the Florida contractor bonds we write. Visit here to find the bond you need and apply today. We also offer hundreds of other types of bonds for all 50 states.

Don’t see your bond listed? Give us a call at 1-866-546-4605, we can write any bond!

How Much Does a FL Contractor License Bond Cost?

Usually, surety bonding is based primarily on your credit and the bond amount you need. Essentially, you’ll be assigned a premium rate based on your credit—somewhere between 1-3% (occasionally as high as 5%). What you pay will be your premium. Your premium will be determined by multiplying your premium rate by the bond amount.

This is likely how your contractor license bond for the state will be priced—if you even need one. Be that as it may, we can write most of the smaller city/county bonds without a credit check. The prices will vary, but some we can write for as low as $100, plus additional shipping costs and fees.

That’s All There is To It

Whether you need a bond for the state, a county, or city—we can help. Once you know what bond you need, visit EZsuretybonds.com and apply. If you have any questions along the way, contact us here or call us at 1-866-546-4605. We also have an FAQ page for your convenience. We’re here to make surety bonding EZ for you!