What is the Utah Motor Vehicle Crusher Bond?

It is a surety bond with a bond amount of $10,000 required by the State of Utah Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division (commonly referred to as the Obligee). A surety bond is a three-party instrument by which one party guarantees or promises a second party the successful performance of a third party. The Surety Company, you as the principal and the Obligee.

This bond protects the public from any damages incurred as a result of a licensed business failing to uphold certain laws and regulations. The Surety Company takes the responsibility for these damages off the Obligee and ensures the business is held accountable for those damages.

This bond is what separates trustworthy and dependable businesses from the rest. It’s kind of like a college degree. You pay a lot of money for a small piece of paper to say, ‘trust me. I know what I’m doing.’

Fortunately, This Specific Bond Won’t Break the Bank.

Surety bond prices vary and are primarily determined by your credit. The Utah Motor Vehicle Crusher Bond is no exception and is offered by Ezsuretybonds.com starting as low as $100, plus shipping costs and fees.

If your credit looks similar to that of a college student’s bank account, no problem. Apply anyways! We’ve helped many people in the same situation and will do our best to get you approved, find you a reasonable quote, and contact you within 24 hours.

All You Have to Do is Apply.

Ezsuretybonds.com has created a straightforward process to apply and obtain thousands of different bonds. Their application is short and simple. Most surety bonds­ are based on personal credit and many people are auto-approved.

At no additional cost, a stamped, sealed and signed version of the bond will be mailed to you. Since we are based in Georgia, most clients receive their bond in the mail within 3-5 days.

If you’re pressed for time, for a small fee, surety bonds with raised seals and wet signatures can be delivered overnight on any business day for the next business day via FedEx.

We are here to help you easily obtain your bonds. If you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQ page.