Step 1: Determine your license types

The first step to getting your Indiana alcohol license is to determine what license classification you need. The Indiana ATC offers a variety of licenses for different kinds of alcohol-related activities. These licenses fall into one of the following categories:

  • Alcohol Servers
  • Alcohol Retailers and Dealers
  • Brewers
  • Beer Wholesalers, Retailers, and Dealers
  • Clubs, Restaurants, and Hotels
  • Distillers and Rectifiers
  • Liquor Wholesalers, Retailers, and Dealers
  • Wineries and Vintners
  • Wine Wholesalers, Retailers, and Dealers

Below is a complete list of the different Indiana alcohol licenses:

  • Beer, wine, and liquor drug store/pharmacy
  • Beer and wine grocery store
  • Package liquor store
  • Beer retailer restaurant
  • Wine retailer restaurant
  • Beer and wine retailer restaurant
  • Beer, wine, and liquor retailer restaurant – incorporated area (210)
  • Beer, wine, and liquor retailer restaurant – incorporated area (209)
  • Social club
  • Fraternal club
  • Civic center
  • Mall
  • Market
  • Historic district
  • Economic redevelopment
  • Hotel
  • Motor sports district
  • Airport/railway
  • Dining car
  • Race track
  • Excursion boat
  • Gaming site
  • Catering hall
  • Horse track
  • Horse track satellite facility
  • Development district
  • Riverfront
  • Food hall
  • Food hall vendor
  • Renovation

Step 2: Register your business

Before applying for your alcohol license, you must register your business with the Indiana Secretary of State. You can complete all the registration forms online using the INBiz online portal.

Your business also needs to register with the Indiana Department of Revenue to get a sales tax license. You can register online using the INtax website.

Step 3: Get a surety bond

The Indiana ATC requires alcohol businesses to get an Indiana surety bond as part of the licensing process. The bonds help ensure that the licensee complies with all licensing regulations. They also enable the government and consumers to seek financial compensation for damages caused by the licensed business.

The required bond amount for Indiana alcohol bonds varies depending on the license classification. Below are the required amounts for a few popular bonds:

  • Brewer, Distiller or Liquor Wholesaler Bond: $10,000
  • Rectifier Bond: $15,000
  • Vintner: $1,000

You only need to pay a small percentage of the bond amount as a premium. When the surety company issues your bond, they will determine your premium by evaluating your financial history, industry experience, and other factors.

Step 4: Submit alcohol license application

Once you’ve met all the requirements, you can submit your alcohol permit application to the DBPR. You can find all the application forms here on the ATC website.

When submitting your application, you will need to provide various supporting documents. The exact documents vary based on the license type. This list breaks down the specific requirements for different licenses.

Along with the application, you will need to pay a $1,000 liquor license fee. This fee recurs annually. The initial payment must be made by check or money order payable to the Indiana ATC.

Once everything is together, you can mail your license to the following address:

Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission
Indiana Government Center South, Room E-114
302 W. Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indiana alcohol license frequently asked questions

How do you renew an Indiana alcohol license?

You can renew your Indiana alcohol license online using the Indiana licensing web portal.

How much does an Indiana alcohol license cost?

Obtaining an Indiana alcohol license requires you to pay a $1,000 annual license fee.

How EZ Surety Bonds helps with an Indiana alcohol license

These are the steps to get your Indiana alcohol license. When you are ready to get the process started, EZ Surety Bonds can help make sure it all goes smoothly with our fast and affordable online bonding service. Apply now or get in touch for more information.