Why Do You Need a Motor Vehicle Title Surety Bond?

If you recently purchased a used vehicle, you may need a new title. Yes, there are some exceptions. Be that as it may, most people are still required to get a new title.

In some cases, someone may not meet the requirements set by the Georgia Department of Revenue to get a new title. If that’s the case, you may be eligible to get a title based on a surety bond. This is where we come in.

If you need help with the tedious process of getting a Georgia Bonded Title, we’ve made a detailed guide to walk you through it! If you only need the bond, keep reading.

How to Get Your Certificate of Title Surety Bond

To apply for a Georgia Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Surety Bond, follow these steps:


First, you must obtain a national vehicle history report. You can purchase the national history report from any company that provides an NMVTIS. You may purchase an NMVTIS report from our preferred partner for only $9.99.

Please note some vehicles may not have a history report available. If this is the case with your vehicle, then the state will most likely not require a history report. You will be able to get a history report on most vehicles with a 17 digit VIN. You must enter the VIN correctly to get the report.

If you have any questions on whether you can obtain the history report for your vehicle, please give us a call at 1-866-546-4605 or contact us here. We will be happy to assist you!


You will need to provide the vehicle value on the certificate of title application. You must use the value of the vehicle as determined by the State of Georgia. This is likely different than the amount you paid for the vehicle. To determine the value, enter the Vehicle Identification Number into the TAVT Tax Estimator.

Sometimes, you cannot get the value for your vehicle off of the Georgia TAVT site. If this happens, you will need to get a fair market value by first looking up the vehicle on Kelly Blue Book. If you cannot get the fair market value from Kelly Blue Book, then look online for similar vehicles and find the average cost of that vehicle.

Again, if you have any questions please give us a call at 1-866-546-4605 or contact us here. We are here to help make this as seamless as possible for you!


Apply! Our application is straightforward. Once you have everything above, fill out the 6 short sections and you’ll be that much closer to getting your bond.

Make sure to be careful on the application. The state of Georgia is particular about how they want the information displayed. Honestly, they’re as picky about this as I am in regards to how I take my coffee.

Here is how to avoid the top 3 mistakes people usually make:

  1. Please enter the name of the principal (the person required to get the bond) as it appears on the principal’s driver’s license.
  2. Please enter the information on the application how you would like it to appear on the bond. The bond will print directly from the information given on the application.
  3. The seller’s information on the application must be who you purchased the vehicle from—the previous owner. It cannot be the same information as the Indemnitor‘s information.

How Much Does a Certificate of Title Surety Bond Cost?

The price of your bond will vary depending on the bond amount. Per the Georgia Department of Revenue:

Regardless of condition, the Georgia title bond must be written in an amount equal to two times the average retail value of the vehicle (according to values established by the Georgia Department of Revenue), but not less than $5,000.

Ezsuretybonds.com offers this bond starting as low as $85, plus shipping costs and fees. Additionally, we will mail an original bond to you with a raised seal and wet signature. Regular mail shipping is FREE. We also offer FedEx overnight shipping on any business day for the next business day for $35.

The state of Georgia accepts the electronic version of the bond that you can print. Yet, not every tag office will accept the electronic version of the bond. Check with your local tag office to be sure.

There You Have It

We know that there is a lot that goes into buying a car, new or used. We hope we’ve made this process easier to understand. As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your bonding needs, give us a call at 1-866-546-4605 or contact us here!