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SC Business Services Dishonesty bonds, sometimes referred to as dishonesty bonds, are designed to protect against dishonesty and embezzlement. Generally, the bond protects against dishonesty of employees. These bonds cover losses arising from employee dishonesty and indemnify the principal for losses caused by the dishonest actions of its employees. Business Services Dishonesty bonds start at $100.00 per year for $5,000 of protection with a small number of employees. Dishonesty bond rates for $10,000 and $25,000 of coverage start at $111 and $165, plus shipping costs and fees. Your final price will appear on the next page.

EZ Surety Bonds delivers Business Services Dishonesty bonds instantly via email. To purchase a bond, complete the application at left. Enter your payment via Credit Card or Paypal and receive a PDF version of the bond in your email. A hard copy will also be mailed or sent via Fed Ex to you.


  • South Carolina Employee Dishonesty Bonds guarantee that the bonded employee(s) will handle their employer's money and property with fidelity. Small companies can be especially hard hit because they can't afford extensive safeguards and do not have the financial capacity to absorb the losses.

What is the maximum number of employees that can be covered under a dishonesty bond?
  • EZ Surety Bonds will allow coverage instantly of up to 25 employees. However, we can cover business with many more employees. We will contact you if your application is for more than 25 employees.

What is the maximum amount of coverage for a dishonesty bond or fidelity bond?
  • EZ Surety Bonds automatically approves bonds up to $25,000. However, we can provide higher limits of up to $1 million with additional underwriting.

Are my volunteers covered if I am a non-profit corporation or LLC?
  • EZ Surety Bonds provides a rider to the dishonesty bond to cover volunteers for non-profits. There is no additional cost for the rider.
How am I protected from unjustified allegations?
  • In order to protect you and your employees against unjustifiable allegations or charges of dishonesty, the employee must be convicted of the alleged dishonesty before coverage will apply.

What Surety Company writes the South Carolina Business Services Dishonesty Surety Bond?

The majority of employees steal from their employers at one time or another, and a Business Services Employee Dishonesty Surety Bond can protect you from these financial losses.