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Georgia Probate Bond and Guardian Bond:

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These bonds are sometimes referred to as administrator bonds, executor bonds, guardian bonds and conservator bonds.

Court bonds are required by a court. The court is typically a probate court, superior court or surrogate court.

Probate bonds are to protect either heirs or wards.

Administrator and executor bonds are required so that estates are settled appropriately for each heir and to indemnify if the administrator or executor misappropriates funds or embezzles.

Conservator bonds and guardian bonds are used when either a minor or an incompetent adult needs the protection of the court. The conservator and/or guardian bond is to indemnify when the court-appointed guardian or conservator incorrectly spends, misappropriates or steals the funds of the minor or incompetent adult.

Additional court bonds include replevin bonds and plaintiff bonds. These bonds are needed in a civil case when a judgement is awarded an appeal is pending.

Court bonds are underwritten on the credit worthiness of the applicant and the applicant's ability to complete the task as assigned by the court.