Minnesota Plumbing and SSTS Contractor Bonds are Here!

the Minnesota Plumbing and SSTS contractor surety bond image Effective January 1, 2016, the State of Minnesota Department of Labor will require all plumbing contractors to file a new $25,000 "continuous until cancelled" bond form as part of their licensing requirements. The two-year Minnesota Plumbing bond is for both plumbing contractors and Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems contractors. Plumbing contractors that are currently licensed will need to file this new bond prior to the January 1, 2016 deadline. EZ Surety Bonds is ready to meet this new requirement!

The new bond form is available online through our instant issue, online system. There is no credit check requirement for the Minnesota Plumbing Contractor surety bond and our special rate of $219 covers both years.

The Plumbing Contractor Surety Bond requires only a minimal amount of information to complete the form. The premium charge for the plumbing contractor bond and the SSTS contractor bond is $219.00 for the two year period.

Please note that to file this bond successfully with the state, you must have two original copies of the bond.
Both copies of the bond must have original signatures and notarization. One duplicate original bond must be filed with the Minnesota Department of Labor and the second duplicate original bond must be filed with the Minnesota Department of Pollution Control. This is a state requirement for you to be in compliance with the licensing law.
After the bonds are filed, they will remain in force continuously until cancelled, even though the contractor will be required to renew his or her license every two years.

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