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Missouri auto dealers will need a new $100,000 surety bond whenever transacting business without a physical title in hand.

The state of Missouri enacted this new $100,000 dealer bond requirement for any franchised, used or wholesale motor vehicle dealer who sells or plans to sell vehicles without a physical title in hand. For those franchised, used, or wholesale motor vehicle dealers who always pass a physical title upon the sale of the vehicle, the $25,000 bond will still suffice in lieu of the $100,000 bond.

We (EZ Surety Bonds) are a ready market for the new $100,000 Missouri Motor Vehicle Dealer bond requirement and we consider it just as readily as the $25,000 bond requirement. The bond is underwritten on the owner’s credit/insurance score. If you are a dealer who currently has a $25,000 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond and needs an increase to $100,000, simply fax, email or phone your request to us. We provide the Missouri Dealer bond for clients with good or bad credit.

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