Michigan Mortgage Broker Bond Preferred Rates Now Available!

The Michigan Broker/Lender/Servicer Bond has a common renewal date of December 31. All Michigan Brokers lenders and servicers must renew or purchase a Michigan Surety mortgage bond prior to December 31.

EZ Surety Bonds recently lowered rates on the Michigan Broker bond and Michigan Lender bond.
The Michigan mortgage surety bond amount is $25,000 for mortgage brokers and lenders with a preferred rate of $188 per year.
  • Requires application and clean credit report

The Michigan mortgage servicer bond amount is $125,000 for mortgage servicers with a preferred rate of 938.
  • Requires application, clean credit report and business and personal financial statements
Michigan mortgage broker bond applications can be submitted by phone or online. Call 866-546-4605 for more information or visit our Mortgage Broker Bonds Website or submit a EZ Surety Bonds Contact Application

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