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Illinois Roofing Contractor License Renewals and Bond Renewals Blog

the Illinois Roofing Contractor surety bond image We often hear from Illinois Roofing Contractors that have questions about the $10,000 surety bond renewal date for the Illinois Roofing Contractor license surety bond. Here are a few things that you need to know:
1) The renewal dates of an Illinois Roofing Contractor License and the renewal dates of an Illinois Roofing Contractor Bond do not need to match. And in many cases, the dates will not match.

License Renewals:
In 2015, all Illinois Roofing Contractor licenses (limited or unlimited) shall expire on December 31 of odd-numbered years and must be renewed prior to that date. Each application for license renewal is made on Illinois Financial and Professional Regulation Division forms and should include:
  • A certifying statement for compliance with bonding and insurance requirements.
  • The required fees.
  • The name of the designated qualifying party.

Bond Renewal
Each licensed Roofing Contractor shall maintain in force a continuous surety bond.

The continuous bond form is not required to expire on the same dates as the license. Many of the Illinois roofing contractor bonds renew on an annual basis. The bond form provided by the state in the license renewal packet is not required as long as the original bond is still in force.
Our Continuation Certificate can be filed for the renewal. EZ Surety Bonds issues a continuation certificate for the Illinois Roofing contractor surety bond whenever the renewal payment is paid.

If you have questions about the Illinois roofing contractor bond, call us at 866-546-4605. The Illinois Roofing bond is freely issued on our website and does not require a credit check, purchase your IL roofing contractor bond instantly!

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