DMEPOS and Medicare Bonds up to $50,000 are available!

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) require Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic and Orthotic Suppliers (DMEPOS) to have a $50,000 surety bond. The DMEPOS surety bond is required of those who bill Medicare for equipment they sell. Each location is required to have a separate bond, so DMEPOS providers will need one bond per enrolled location. The $50,000 Medicare surety bond is intended to help prevent fraud and abuse of the Medicare system. EZ Surety Bonds has simplified the underwriting process for Durable Medical Equipment bonds and we offer the best rates in the nation. Applicants with excellent credit can purchase a DMEPOS Bond for as little as $250 per year.

Our price on the Durable Medical Equipment supplier bond is
  • $250 if supplier is state licensed and accredited with clean credit.
  • $500 if supplier is not state licensed and accredited, but has been in business for more than three years, owns real estate, and has clean credit.
  • $1,000 per thousand for all others with clean credit who qualify.

Contact us at 866-546-4605 with questions about the DMEPOS surety bond. Or apply for a DMEPOS bond online.

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