Georgia Lottery Bonds Return!

the Georgia Lottery Bond image Georgia Lottery Corporation released a new bond form today and is once again accepting surety bonds for the issuance of retail lottery vendors in Georgia. The new bond form has a 14 day requirement for the surety company to commence to remedy any default on lottery bonds.

In addition, the bond now has a 60 day notice of cancellation.

EZ Surety Bonds is excited to be able to provide Georgia Lottery surety bonds once again. We issue lottery bonds for new businesses and we can renew existing lottery bonds as well.

Some surety companies have chosen not to accept the new Georgia bond form language under Georgia law O.C.G.A. 10-7-30, however, EZ Surety Bonds Lottery Bonds and can issue the Georgia Lottery surety bond without any restrictions.

Call us at 866-546-4605 to apply for the Georgia Lottery Bond.

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